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> Hoho!  I think Moulty's comments were pretty damn funny.  I thought he was
> just indulging in a bit of light-hearted satire--not trolling.  I actually
> burst out laughing.  C'mon Black Monk, lighten up a little....We like 
> music
> most of the world can barely tolerate, let alone dissect and investigate
> further.

And you'd think this list would be the one place where people don't say the 
stuff we listen to is crap. There's an interesting irony in his screen name, 
since people have described both The Barbarians and Jandek in the same way, 
as what The Beatles would have sounded like if they couldn't play or write 

>  We probably deserve a good teasing now and again.  The dearth of
> detail on the man leads us all down some rather obscure analytical holes
> which is in many ways ridiculous. (Pointing finger at self).  Anyway, am I
> the only one who thought Moulty was just having a little fun or am I way 
> off
> base?

You're probably way off base, since he did the same thing a few months ago. 
I'm sure he was having fun, as well, but people who have fun in that way 
should be able to take it when others have fun by responding in kind.

 Should I feel insulted?  BTW Monk, coolio on your name! I'm just
> geting into the Monks myself and have to say, they rock!  (Waves devil 
> sign
> in air, bangs head).

Do you have the Live At Cavestomp CD? Of all my years of seeing shows, 
that's probably the one I treasure most. At the time, a live Monks show was 
about as likely as a live Jandek show.

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