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Steven Adkins stevenmadkins at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 15 07:12:47 PST 2005

Hoho!  I think Moulty's comments were pretty damn funny.  I thought he was 
just indulging in a bit of light-hearted satire--not trolling.  I actually 
burst out laughing.  C'mon Black Monk, lighten up a little....We like music 
most of the world can barely tolerate, let alone dissect and investigate 
further.  We probably deserve a good teasing now and again.  The dearth of 
detail on the man leads us all down some rather obscure analytical holes 
which is in many ways ridiculous. (Pointing finger at self).  Anyway, am I 
the only one who thought Moulty was just having a little fun or am I way off 
base?  Should I feel insulted?  BTW Monk, coolio on your name! I'm just 
geting into the Monks myself and have to say, they rock!  (Waves devil sign 
in air, bangs head).


Steven M. Adkins

7, rue Belle Paule
31500 Toulouse

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