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Ross Em indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 6 03:49:01 PST 2005

Six and six must be really popular.  I have always had a great affinity with this record, especially since I'd been told it sounded exactly the same as Ready for The House, when it is clearly very different in a lot of ways.  I think Jandek sounds an awful lot quieter and sadder on this record, and I really love most of the stuff on it.  You have Six and Six to look forward to, its a real gem.

Foolishly, I never ordered Interstellar Discussion in my 20 cd set...  Wish I had now.  Havent listened through the whole lot yet, obviously...  I'm really onlylistening at present to "Ready for the House", "Later On", "White Box Requiem" "Somebody in the Snow" and "Follow Your Footsteps".

The only Jandek record I own which I cant get into at all is "Staring at The Cellophane..."  did anyone else dislike this record?  I found it similar in style to "Living in a Moon So Blue" - one of my favourites - but could not get into it at all.

See youse later

"Seated by the ranch I?m owning, staring at the cellophane.  Somebody came in for a question, I poured a glass out in the rain.  The reason I have been accepted, is that I failed to come on strong;  found a chair beside a window, found a place where I belong.  Inside myself there is no question, just the jangle of our brain. Three times four is twenty-seven, only fragments still remain." - jandek, 'first you think your fortune's lovely' ("Ready for the House" LP 1978)
the rocks crumble, unto dust they die.  once hard stuff of mountains, now soft powder amongst the sand.

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