[Jandek] Re: hello & my ordering experience

Ratan X ratanx at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 14:42:01 PST 2005

On Mar 4, 2005, at 4:06 AM, meddle wrote:

> The handwriting seems to match what I've seen elsewhere.  I don't
> know if anyone collects these sort of things or not but if so I can 
> scan it.
> I viewed my cancelled check on-line and, not surprisingly, it's 
> endorsed
> by Sterling R. Smith ...

I never had this happen before, but I do know my address was written by 
hand. Does the writing on the order form match this?

Recently I've only gotten check images from my bank, not the checks 
themselves. I kind of hate this, at least for when I order things from 
Corwood. Not sure if I can view them online. I might have to try this.

Gonna order a few disks in the next week or so: You Walk Alone, The 
Gone Wait, A Kingdom He Likes and hopefully When I Took That Train, 
which I guess is coming out shortly?


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