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Ross Em indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 7 04:16:39 PST 2005

If yr new to Jandek, personally I would recommend...

"Blue Corpse"... a very good introduction to Jandek, an excellent LP. THEN...

"Follow Your Footsteps" - Jandek in more traditional singer/songwriter mode.  Excellent

"Living in a Moon so blue" - another great Jandek LP. 

"Ready for the House" - The first LP, the one that lets you into the rest.  A cracker

"Six and Six" - A nice mellow reckid by Jank.  His second LP

"Somebody in the Snow" - More straightforward goodness.

"The Place" - a real dark dark jandek lp...  very very very good

The forthcoming live CD/DVD 

"I woke up" - underrated to all cuntin buggery

Hope this helps you enjoy Jandek more dude.  The first 5 LPs he released are unstoppable albums, but I personally think a good proportion of his back catalogue is fuckin awesome, split up with some crap stuff.  Same way I listen to Sonic Youth i guess.  The genius is well well well worth the less good bits.  Keep listening and keep trying. :)

take care

Yours in corwood


"Seated by the ranch I?m owning, staring at the cellophane.  Somebody came in for a question, I poured a glass out in the rain.  The reason I have been accepted, is that I failed to come on strong;  found a chair beside a window, found a place where I belong.  Inside myself there is no question, just the jangle of our brain. Three times four is twenty-seven, only fragments still remain." - jandek, 'first you think your fortune's lovely' ("Ready for the House" LP 1978)
the rocks crumble, unto dust they die.  once hard stuff of mountains, now soft powder amongst the sand.

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