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Mon Jun 20 17:36:13 PDT 2005

I agree. I'd go as far as to say that all the seriousness doesn't really suit him much. Only in recent years has Jandek started to act like the mysterious artist guy everyone thinks he is, pumping out the same depressed-loner-with-an-out-of-tune-guitar music album after album, writing intentionally weird notes to people, etc. Back in the day he was totally different. Geez, take a listen to Telegraph Melts. Sure, his lyrics were often painful, but his music used to express lots of other moods. After I Woke Up, Jandek lost that light-hearted aspect, and I think his music has suffered greatly for it. 

aerick duckhugger <agentduckhugger at hotmail.com> wrote:I too can see the whole Jandek = blues type of connection... there are 
definatley elements of what Jandek does that strikes me that way.... 
however, Jandek is just way too noisy and far flung weird in what he does to 
ever be taken with such monumental seriousness.... Sterling 
Smith/Jandek/Himself doesn't seem to take himself entirely serious either... 
serious enough to put out as many albums as he has, sure sure sure... but 
still.. can you listen to Jandek and still miss the humor, absurdity, and 
genuine noisy assed FUN lingering about in the music?

Aerick Duckhugger

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