[Jandek] Re: swampful of jandek

aerick duckhugger agentduckhugger at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 19 19:22:54 PDT 2005

It was pointed out to me that I could have been seen as being pissed off in 
the past message... so to remedy that and avoid you all seeing me as a pissy 
ol' fellow... perhaps it would be best for you to imagine me typing that 
last message in a paper mache badger mask and a wizard robe while balancing 
an eggplant on my head.

Roscoe... I can understand you having a different opinon of things from 
myself. I can also understand folks not liking my show and what I do on it. 
I'm a noisy assed bitch who likes to mutilate records on a regular basis. I 
won't go around fooling myself that there's a huge number of people who 
would cringe and cover thier ears at the type of noise my show is 
responsible for torturing the airwaves with.... but yeah... I do have a 
certain degree of pride in my show (which would come hand in hand with the 
several hours of preparation I put into every show)... so when I hear a 
critisism It's nice if it's more verbose than just "it sucks".

I too can see the whole Jandek = blues type of connection... there are 
definatley elements of what Jandek does that strikes me that way.... 
however, Jandek is just way too noisy and far flung weird in what he does to 
ever be taken with such monumental seriousness.... Sterling 
Smith/Jandek/Himself doesn't seem to take himself entirely serious either... 
serious enough to put out as many albums as he has, sure sure sure... but 
still.. can you listen to Jandek and still miss the humor, absurdity, and 
genuine noisy assed FUN lingering about in the music?

Aerick Duckhugger

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