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i gave this 3 compact disc compilation to a good friend, He took on holdiay with him.       it covers 0739-0759: im gonna do one for 0760-0769, later on, and the rest (0770-onwards). im gonna wait 5 years.  (their will probably be another 10 out by then). I do fully appreciate the albums for the people against these types of things. I listen to the compilation in my car, when i go out for a drive and get lost.
1.Naked in the Afternoon
2.They Told Me I Was a Fool
3.European Jewel (Incompleate)
4.Point Judith
5.Delinquent Words 
6.Your Condition
7.Oh Jenny (might change for something else from Later On)
8.Down In A Mirror
9.European Jewel
10.Nancy Sings
11.Relief of the Night
12.Strange Phenomenon
13.Rather Be Blind
14.John Plays Drums
15.Centaur Train
17.Call You The Sun
18.I Ainít Got None
19.Rifle In The Closet 
20.Voices In The Dark
21.This Is A Death Dream
1.Spanish In Me
2.Put It Away
3.Needs No Sun
4.Governor Rhodes
5.You Painted Your Teeth
6.Mothers Day Card
7.I Know You Well
8.Dearly Need Some Words
9.For Today
10.Painted My Teeth
11.Carnival Queen
12.I Passed By The Building
13.Youíre Other Man 
14.House of the Rising Sun
15.Only Lover
16.Quinn Boys II
17.When The Telephone Melts
2.The Cat That Walked From Shelbyville 
3.Message To The Clerk
4.I Sit Alone Alot And Think About You
5.Niagra Blues
6.License To Kill
8.Tell Me Who You Are
10.Bring It In The Manger
11.Yellow Pages
12.Alehouse Blues
13.Upon The Grandeur 
14.Babe I Love You
15.The Electric End (Edit)


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