[Jandek] Pitchfork - what's the deal?

Dlugosz, John J John.Dlugosz at trincoll.edu
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David Cross did a piece that kinda sums it up for me:
Yes, it actually is on pitchfork. 

A great site for info is aquarius records': http://www.aquariusrecords.org/ . Nice folks, you can hear sound samples and buy the stuff from them too. The have a stake in not steering you wrong--and they aren't trying to get themselves a job in rock journalism or with some label as a publicist (well,...). Sign up for their weekly new release list--it's not always on-spot with release dates, but the writing and info is great. AND...they do metal!

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> "I read Pitchfork a lot just because I don't really know of any decent
> music sites, but they disgust me more every day. Do you know of any
> music sites that actually deserve people's readership?"
> What's the big beef so many have with Pitchfork, anyway?  I'm one of those
> nerds who checks PF every morning after going through the e-mail, and still
> find decent reviews that prompt me to lay down some $ from time to
> time...sure they grate sometimes and try to be a bit too hip/amusing, but
> every music review site I've ever seen falls foul of these traps sometimes.
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