[Jandek] Pitchfork - what's the deal?

Robertson Davis soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 17 12:11:15 PDT 2005

They're not terrible; I'll admit that they've turned me onto to about 3/4 of the bands I like. However, they're just so obnoxious and more than a bit lacking in journalistic integrity. Often, their criticism of an artist conerns what they think the music should sound like instead of what it actually sounds like. That's mostly my beef with them.
SAMUEL_MATHESON at acdi-cida.gc.ca wrote:
"I read Pitchfork a lot just because I don't really know of any decent
music sites, but they disgust me more every day. Do you know of any
music sites that actually deserve people's readership?"

What's the big beef so many have with Pitchfork, anyway? I'm one of those
nerds who checks PF every morning after going through the e-mail, and still
find decent reviews that prompt me to lay down some $ from time to
time...sure they grate sometimes and try to be a bit too hip/amusing, but
every music review site I've ever seen falls foul of these traps sometimes.
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