[Jandek] Where can I find Jandek records in Belgium?

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> Nah, I was just kidding around, making note of the fact that this list 
> seems to function more for newcomers and casual fans than uber-geeks like 
> me. Anyone making an effort to get ahold of some Jandek records is fine by 
> me. And yeah, it is true that Eurpoeans on the whole are just a lot hipper 
> than Americans- after all, it took a bunch of English kids to finally get 
> white America to pay attention >to the blues.

That's a common myth, but one that's completely untrue. By the time the 
Rolling Stones got here, bands like The Wailers, The Kingsmen, The Raiders, 
Captain Beefheart and Paul Butterfield had already been including a fair 
amount of blues and blues influenced material in their sets. Before that, 
there was a large blues component to the early sixties folk revival. Before 
that, 50s rock artists from Elvis and Chuck Berry on down were doing plenty 
of blues. All of these commanded the attention of "white America" before 
anyone was paying attention to the bunch of English kids.

> But I don't think Jandek's boycotting America as you imply; it just seems 
> like people are more friendly to experimental music over on your side of 
> the pond. Of course I could be wrong about that too.

My guess is he just wanted someone to subsidize a vacation in the UK. If he 
had just wanted somewhere friendly to experimental music, he could have 
tried New York, or San Francisco, or even Austin. 

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