[Jandek] Re: Jandek Bin Laden

Deserted Village desertedvillage at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 02:25:09 PDT 2005

"Thanks for once again enforcing racist and religionist sterotypes
against arab and muslim people worldwide by equating all of them with
a tiny, fringe group of extremists.

I never thought jandek would appeal to racists.  Isn't there a whole
little cottage industry of neo-fascist skinhead punk bands?  maybe you
should check some of those out, and sign up for some of those lists
instead of bothering us with your inane, ignorant comments here."

Just 'cause he makes one silly joke doesn't make him a racist, You
need to chill out.
I spent a month in Morocco and had a pretty hardcore beard at the
time. People laughed at me in the street, saying "Hey Bin Laden!" They
probably thought I was a lame white man trying to fit in. I really
doubt these Muslims were equating themselves with Bin Laden. Sadly Bin
Laden is about the most Famous Muslim on the planet these days. You
have to admit that the picture does have that grainy, lo-fi
vhs-filmed-in-a-cave look to it.

By the way I'm Irish and I know what it's like to be branded a
terrorist because a tiny minority bomb civilians- It hurts, especially
when your're working in Britain. That's white on white, christian on
christian racism and it's just as bad. Don't think for a minute we
don't make jokes about the IRA over here.

Speaking of stereotypes; Is there anybody on this list who isn't a white male? 
I'm guessing it would be under 10%
Does anybody else feel weird when they go to indie rock shows in
American and British cities with large black populations and 99.9% of
the audience is white? I've been to a lot and I think i saw one black
person at ATP last year, maybe 2 at a Sonic Youth show in CA both of
which had about 3000 people at them. I don't remember too many Black
people among the 20,000 at Burning Man either. It's off topic but I'm
putting it out there......

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