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Re: other musicJim,

You must be talking to the wrong folks....

Gories frontman Mick Collins has been working with a new band called the
Dirtbombs for the last several years.  They are definitely a bit different
than the Gories, but very enjoyable nonetheless.
http://www.thedirtbombs.net/  On of the drummers for the Dirtbombs is a guy
named Pat Pantino who was previously in Cathouse (early 90s) and, in my
youth, drummed for a Detroit rock outfit named the Colors.  Great drummer.

Allen Rendel
Chicago, IL
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  I'm so glad someone mentioned The Gories! They're one of my favorite bands
of all time.

  Whenever I meet someone from Detroit who's into underground music, or
someoen who's really into the Detroit scene, I always ask them about the
band. In almost 15 years of asking literally hundreds of people, I have yet
to find A SINGLE ONE who has any idea what I'm talking about.

  That's obscure.

  - Jim

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    Martha Wainwright, Kids on TV, Pedestrian, Supreme Dicks, Souled
    Joan Armatrading, Linda Perhacs, Carole King, Cindytalk, Kevin Coyne,
    Kane, the Renderers, Fluffers Union, Henry Flynt, Mountain Goats, Will
    Oldham, the Gories, Martin Tielli, Nurse with Wound.


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