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> Hey ­ youšve missed out the mighty Sexton Ming (whošs done some great albums
> with Billy Childish) and you might want to check out The A-Lines who are a
> Œlady-punkš band fronted by Kyra from Thee Headcoatees ­ well worth the price
> of admission. 
> The Masonics have a new album coming out on Vinyl Japan in a month or so too..
> so keep Œem peeled.

Release the love ­ put the dark to flight

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>> Subject: [Jandek] RE: Other music
>> Wild Billy Childish & the Buff Medways, (and childish's previous bands) The
>> Milkshakes, Thee Mighty Caesars, Thee Headcoats plus his solo blues stuff &
>> the Pop Rivets. Also: Johnny Moped, the Clash (77-79 mainly),Bob Dylan,
>> Robert Johnson, Gene Vincent, Son House, Leadbelly, Blind Willie Mctell,
>> Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Reed, Elmore James, Chuck Berry, Bo
>> Diddly, the White Stripes, Monks, The Sonics, The Fall, Richard Hell & The
>> Voidoids, Holly Golightly, Micky Hampshire & the Masonics (Micky was also
>> co-singer/guitar in The Milkshakes) The Mummies, Armitage Shanks, The Rolling
>> Stones (60's/early 70's) The Beatles, The Who(up to about 75), The Kinks,
>> Small Faces, Will Oldham (palace, bonnie prince billy,etc), Smog, Captain
>> Beefheart, Alternative Television, The Jam, The Velvet Underground, early
>> Pogues, The Nipple Erectors (The Nips), Ramones, Joy Division, Graham Coxon,
>> Jawbone, and 60's/70 Leonard Cohen and a bit of Nick Cave now n then .
>> that'll do

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