[Jandek] Re: Butts for Jandek/Firsts in 2004

Bradleybee bradleybee at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 1 14:08:49 PST 2005

--- Ross Em <indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> I feel the same - I am sickened to my very core that anyone
> would want to do this.  

2004 featured a lot of firsts for Jandek.  2004 was the 1st time
four titles were released in one calendar year.  The first
documentary film was released, along with the first known
recording of an interview.  2004 also saw the 1st known live
performance.  And now with 'Butts for Jankey' arriving in late
2004, we now see the 1st organized backlash against Jandek and
his music.  

For those who are offended by our friend's Internet publicity
stunt, I would suggest that you think of it in comparison to the
riot at the premiere of Stravinsky's/Nijinsky's 'The Rite of
Spring' or Dylan's performance at the Newport Folk Festival. 
Every revolutionary action always has a corresponding
conservative backlash from those opposed to change, and music is
no different.  Jandek should consider this a badge of honor.  

I can't say for certain the inspiration behind our friend's
booty campaign.  Jandek certainly does "ask a lot" of the
listener, and maybe our friend is offended by the proposition,
and feels the need to take a little shot at him.  They missed
the Instal04 festival, thereby missing the only opportunity so
far to boo him in person, so now they're using the best avenue
available to them:  the Internet!  It's tasteless, but at least
it's creative  :D   

Perhaps our friend actually likes the music, but just listened
for too many hours in a row and got a little confused.  I can't
blame anybody for that :)  Foreign Keys played 3 times in a row
would make most people a little dizzy...


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