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you know, it's really annoying that the replies to this group go to the 
individual and not to the group. I know I get annoyed when I get group 
emails as an indivdual and I feel like an ass for doing it to someone else.

Anyway, it's perfectly fair to think Jandek is crap. I'm sure 99% of the 
populace feels that way. I also tend to agree that there is a huge 
contingencey of folks who simply like it 'cause it's "weird," or trendy in 
some elitist rock-snob kinda way ("look at my lathe cut decaer pinga," 7". 
OK, nerd.)

However, and admittedly I may be insane for holding this opinion, but I've 
always thought the individual person Jandek (if he even exists) was making 
honest, sincere work. I have enjoyed his music for a long time... Since I 
first heard of it in the early '90s from "What Goes On," "Forced Exposure," 
and "Chemical Imballance," (I reference these only to make clear that I did 
not find out about this guy from "Spin," in fact, I think reading things 
like "Spin," is harmful to mental development. The magazine is a paid 
Hollywood advertisement published by genocidal right-wing fascists) I mean, 
I also own records by Daniel Johnston (who I love), and the Legendary 
Stardust Cowboy (now THAT is crap)... And a whole lot of stuff on Bulb 
records... All of which have questionable artistic and musical value.

I appreciate, even if it is an elaborate put on (which would be proof that 
the guy is REALLY insane), or if he's just some off-center rich dude, the 
fact that he is doing what he does with apparently NO REGARD for what ANYONE 
thinks. In our time of prepackaged consumer "culture," (re: Spin), it is 
refreshing to hear something that is utterly commercially useless. It's like 
pachinko music. It's also wonderful product. It's like Andy Warhol. It's 
like Baseball Cards.

Oh yeah, being a generally lonely solitary type of person, it also sounds 
really, really good sometimes when you're drunk off your ass at 3 AM.

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>Subject: [Jandek] Hello Jandek Fans!
>Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 13:50:29 -0800
>Hi Guys and gals,
>I just joined the list.  I first heard about Jandek in that issue of Spin 
>that named him (tongue in cheek) one of the "top ten most influential 
>artists" or something, way back in the 80's.
>Years later I found a copy of "Lost Cause" in a thrift store, and years 
>after that I found one of his cd's.
>I collect records, I like weird records.....I sold both Jandek's without a 
>second thought.
>There is a word for Jandek's "music" : Garbage.
>Whether by accident, or design, it's hilarious that Jandek's annonimity has 
>sparked such an "interest" in him.  Yeah, I'm curious too..... Does he 
>think this is good music, that someone else, somewhere, will "enjoy" it?  
>Is he some guy who is steeped in "experimental music", or did he think of 
>his appraoch all by himself?
>Who knows? The answer to that will be interesting. But the records?  Forget 
>it.  It's the worst pile of crap ever. Celine Dion is Mozart compared to 
>I do not believe anyone "likes" them.  I think it's a bad case of "look at 
>me, I'm different and special" among a very small group of poseurs.
>That's just my opinion.  I think Robert Christgau pretty much said 
>everything that needs to be said about Jandek when he simply lumped him in 
>the "meltdown" catagory.
>I like "outre" rock music.  I was a Velvet Undergrund fan when I was 15. I 
>played in bands that used chaos and dissonance and "spontaneous 
>composition". But Jandek BLOWS.
>Anyway, just my opinion. I'll probably be kicked off the list.  So, there 
>is my opinion on "Jandek".
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