[Jandek] Re : Do you think Jandek voted?

Moulty moulty40 at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 17 14:00:09 PST 2005

I think he''s probably a big Garth Brooks fan, and voted for Bush.

Didn't Jandek say in '85 that he liked Tom Petty, and was "getting into Country & Western"?

I can see him as a big Garth fan now. 

I think that apart from whatever screw is loose that makes him put out those records, he's probably a very average, small "c" conservative type of guy.

The only thing I wonder is, does he actually think anyone is going to like his music? Does he like it, and listen to it??   I just can't see that being the case.....I cannot see anyone listening to Jandek.....including Jandek!!
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