[Jandek] Hello Jandek Fans!

Troy Elyea troy_elyea at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 18 05:37:48 PST 2005

I am quite amused that someone would go to the trouble of joining a mailing 
list with the intention of insulting the artist and the people on this list. 
What does that say about this person's character?

It is one thing to have an intelligent discussion on the merits of an 
artist. Moulty, you didn't even try. You simply took childish shots at 
Jandek. Wow, you are probably anxiously sitting at your computer waiting to 
see the rise you get out of people. How pathetic.

I barely have the motivation to address any of your points but I will pick a 
few for my own amusement.

..Celine Deline is Mozart compared to Jandek. Wow, a Celine Dion 
comparison..surely, you must be french canadian, which explains a lot (how's 
that for a petty insult, ha). Secondly, last time I checked Celine Deline 
doesn't compose her songs so how could she even possibly be compared to 
Mozart? I wonder...

You don't like how Jandek is categorized as "blues"..how is "outre" blues 
for you then. You are levelling your own ideals on what blues should be..and 
frankly I am not even sure many people on the list would try to even 
categorize Jandek into a specific genre..he is unclassifiable and his own 

What is amusing to me is that you use the term rock to describe the Velvet 
Underground (sorry "outre" rock). Would Chuck Berry or Little Richard think 
VU are authentic rock n roll? Aren't you insulting these true rock 'n roll 
artists since VU have deviated from the norms of rock and roll?

I'll stop here because I don't need to waste anymore time on this.

>From: Moulty <moulty40 at shaw.ca>
>To: jandek at mylist.net
>Subject: [Jandek] Hello Jandek Fans!
>Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 13:50:29 -0800
>Hi Guys and gals,
>I just joined the list.  I first heard about Jandek in that issue of Spin 
>that named him (tongue in cheek) one of the "top ten most influential 
>artists" or something, way back in the 80's.
>Years later I found a copy of "Lost Cause" in a thrift store, and years 
>after that I found one of his cd's.
>I collect records, I like weird records.....I sold both Jandek's without a 
>second thought.
>There is a word for Jandek's "music" : Garbage.
>Whether by accident, or design, it's hilarious that Jandek's annonimity has 
>sparked such an "interest" in him.  Yeah, I'm curious too..... Does he 
>think this is good music, that someone else, somewhere, will "enjoy" it?  
>Is he some guy who is steeped in "experimental music", or did he think of 
>his appraoch all by himself?
>Who knows? The answer to that will be interesting. But the records?  Forget 
>it.  It's the worst pile of crap ever. Celine Dion is Mozart compared to 
>I do not believe anyone "likes" them.  I think it's a bad case of "look at 
>me, I'm different and special" among a very small group of poseurs.
>That's just my opinion.  I think Robert Christgau pretty much said 
>everything that needs to be said about Jandek when he simply lumped him in 
>the "meltdown" catagory.
>I like "outre" rock music.  I was a Velvet Undergrund fan when I was 15. I 
>played in bands that used chaos and dissonance and "spontaneous 
>composition". But Jandek BLOWS.
>Anyway, just my opinion. I'll probably be kicked off the list.  So, there 
>is my opinion on "Jandek".
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