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I am sure to be one of many that reply to your opinions you stated in your
last three emails. First off, many people here listen to Jandek including
myself. What I get out of listening has nothing to do with what you describe
as 'enjoyment'. Sometimes art is more than something to just 'enjoy'. It may
hold things more important like honesty, true mystery, and possibly
humanity. To find art and artists that do that is a very rare and amazing
thing to me. I think you maybe coming from the point of view that people
make art for other people to enjoy. It is only 'good' and 'valid' if it is
appreciated by the masses or is 'better' than something else. The idea of
'better' keeps coming up in music talks (as in your emails) I have been part
of and to be honest it makes me wonder every time. This is not a sport.
There is not a 'best' and 'worst' in art. If art or an artist speaks to you,
then I think that is good. If they do not, then move on in your search for
others that do. Art can be much more important that fodder for enjoyment.
Obviously it is not for you in this case.

I certainly am not arguing whether Jandek is 'good' or not with you. If you
dislike it, that is what it is. Fair enough. I am glad you had the chance to
hear his music and make your decision for yourself. A lot of people do not
even do that much investigation to inform their opinion. I think your
opinions on any or all of the people on this list though are disrespectful
and ill-informed to say the least. It is almost as if you are picking a
fight. I am not sure what will be gained by such a thing.

-Mark Greenberg

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  Hi Guys and gals,

  I just joined the list.  I first heard about Jandek in that issue of Spin
that named him (tongue in cheek) one of the "top ten most influential
artists" or something, way back in the 80's.

  Years later I found a copy of "Lost Cause" in a thrift store, and years
after that I found one of his cd's.

  I collect records, I like weird records.....I sold both Jandek's without a
second thought.

  There is a word for Jandek's "music" : Garbage.

  Whether by accident, or design, it's hilarious that Jandek's annonimity
has sparked such an "interest" in him.  Yeah, I'm curious too..... Does he
think this is good music, that someone else, somewhere, will "enjoy" it?  Is
he some guy who is steeped in "experimental music", or did he think of his
appraoch all by himself?

  Who knows? The answer to that will be interesting. But the records?
Forget it.  It's the worst pile of crap ever. Celine Dion is Mozart compared
to Jandek.

  I do not believe anyone "likes" them.  I think it's a bad case of "look at
me, I'm different and special" among a very small group of poseurs.

  That's just my opinion.  I think Robert Christgau pretty much said
everything that needs to be said about Jandek when he simply lumped him in
the "meltdown" catagory.

  I like "outre" rock music.  I was a Velvet Undergrund fan when I was 15. I
played in bands that used chaos and dissonance and "spontaneous
composition". But Jandek BLOWS.

  Anyway, just my opinion. I'll probably be kicked off the list.  So, there
is my opinion on "Jandek".


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