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I hope I am not considered to be someone Œdisturbedı by the idea of
Christian themes in Jandekıs music.

All I am suggesting is that it is not possible to infer from such usage that
the author is a Christian ­ he lives in a country formed by Christianity
that ha developed a number of very vivid and visionary strands of the
religion and he will be only too well aware of the language and imagery of
the faith, but the use of that language and imagery does nothing to prove
the religious proclivities of the artist. This in no way infers any
disapproval on my part, or indeed any wish that Jandek is not a Christian.
It would come as no surprise that someone as driven would also have a devout
religious practice as part of their life... but I still stand by my
assertion that there is no  proof and that to suggest otherwise in the
absence of anything more concrete is either conjecture or wishful thinking.

On 15/2/05 5:01 am, "jandek-request at mylist.net" <jandek-request at mylist.net>

> Jandek is Jandek, and as has been said here many times
> before, it's all about the music.  The Christian
> theme, for me, is part of what makes him fascinating.
> Those disturbed by this should just ignore it.  My
> politics lean right of center, but I love The Clash.
> I disagree with what they say, but love the vehicle
> they use to express themselves.  So be it with Jandek.

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