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Ludo Maas multi-panel at unschooled.com
Tue Feb 15 05:12:50 PST 2005

so it was my birthday and i got the dvd.
it's a nice documentary. for me it feels like it makes jandek a little more normal in the end. it kind of "proves" he's not crazy or anything. 
i loved that image with a jandek like figure on a roof of some kind of fairground thing. (i guess everybody loved that one)
haven't checked the full trubee interview yet, cause i might get a jandek overload if i check it all in a few days.
i did listen to the audio commentary of the directors. very interesting as well. i guess i just like babbling.
chad made a remark about his 26th birthday, anyone know if he told about his first jandek experience in a interview. i know WHAT it was like (he was a little dissapointed) but i wonder WHEN he first encountered Jandek music. was he 14? 20? you know :)
i also wonder what the next project of these 2 guys will be..

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