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Wed Dec 28 18:27:03 PST 2005

sorry this is going off topic, but if this is real (and it's too 
badly-done to be fake), it's ridiculous.  i can't believe people 
waste their time with this, thinking this music is "out to destroy 
civilization."  i also find it funny how much stuff she gets wrong. 
most of all not even mentioning THROBBING GRISTLE!

jandek might make the list, depending on which album she hears.  at 
the least he could be considered a "gateway artist".

>I fear visitors to this website are being pranked, and this is an
>Onion article tricked up as a campaign, but whether it's serious or a
>joke, I urge you to check this out!
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>Apparently some of you are bringing on the apocalypse, or the downfall of
>civilization, or something like that:
>My suggestion: Do whatever you can to get on her list. Great PR!
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