[Jandek] Fwd: Mothers Against Noise (MAN)

Jamie Morrison jamski at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Dec 27 16:12:01 PST 2005

> I fear visitors to this website are being pranked, and this is an
> Onion article tricked up as a campaign, but whether it's serious or a
> joke, I urge you to check this out!

Jeez. It does sound like a prank, but if it is, it's the work of a pretty
prolific prankster (alliteration was unintentional there). A quick survey of
the website's yahoo group reveals a surprisingly large amount of emails from
'concerned parents', which makes me think it may be the work of more than
one individual within the noise community. Is it strange of me to be
disappointed that Jandek doesn't get a mention on the 'offenders' list? :)


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