[Jandek] A Very Jandek Christmas (again!)

Frank Hardy soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 26 21:07:47 PST 2005

Note: I made this post three or four years ago and I thought all the new folks might get a kick out of it, even though in hindsight it's nowhere near as clever as I originally thought it was.
  Yes that's right people, a Very Jandek Christmas. Why
am i bringing this up?
Because it's the next filppin' album! 

It's got a blurry picture of a dirty, half melted
snowman with a threadbare scarf on the cover,
surrounded by grass in a nameless suburban backyard,
and features 12 tracks of jolly old Janky Claus doing
your favourite Christmas tunes!

First You Think Your Present's Lovely
I Passed by the Shopping Mall
Sterling Silver Bells
Jesus Take My Frankinsense {sic}
I Woke Up (on chirstmas morning)
Oh Little Town of Houston
Sterling the White-haired Loner
I'll Have a Blue Corpse Without You
Rain in Bethlehem
Somebody in the Snow- Xmas version
The Fruitcakes Crumble
She Fell Down the Chimeny

and much much more! order now! available only in boxes
of 10,000 while supplies last!

but that's not all! in responce to his critics'
constant comparisons of jandek to chinese restaurant
music, he has teamed up with houston chinese retaurant
owner Chan Dek to us "You Wok Alone" a full two hours
of chinese Psych-Folk inexplicably squeezed into one

Put My Egg-roll on this platter
Nancitsu Sings
So Fly Mao
Chair Beside the Kitchen
I ain't got no MSG
C_F (which actually means Chicken Fuyoga)
John Played drums but was then Silenced By the
Communist Government
First You Think Your Fortune Cookie's Lovely

and 35 more out-of-tunes! act now, available only in
orders of 45,000.

Yahoo! for Good - Make a difference this year. 
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