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> It features a BAR CODE?  First playing live, now this...
> That's it, it's official - Jandek has sold out.
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> re-reissued      
> Jandek's second album, Six and Six, was out of print briefly, but has
> now been re-reissued.  I just got the new edition in the mail today from
> Corwood.  The back cover now sports a bar code that wasn't there before...
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from his first album jandek made it clear that he wanted to sell his music
he made 40 albums of the most original music this side of the galaxy
so what's about a barcode or live shows, maybe he is now doing those things
he always wanted to do and i wish him succes with that.
the 40 albums he made the 27 years he spend on doing that cannot be
nullified by the fact that maybe his 41st record will eventually go to nr
one in the pop charts

kloot per w

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