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Joshua Frattarola joshua at teahaile.com
Fri Apr 8 13:10:43 PDT 2005

I love it.  "Jandek has sold out".  Jandek has always "Sold Out" since the
beginning.  Remember his earliest talks with Richie Unterberger about trying
to get stores to carry his records...he used the term "I need to move them".
This is a guy who has always wanted to succeed in the music business, and I
think it's fair to say...he has.  Now, at a climax point in his ever-growing
popularity, he decides to capitalize on it by playing live shows..."cool",
everyone says, while whispering, "I hope he's not selling out."  now, his
newest releases include a barcode..."he's becoming commericial!  Oh, no he
IS selling out!", some start screaming.  No, he's not selling out...he's
selling, and realizing the potential for future sales.  Why is it that we (I
include myself in this) always want to mold our musical heroes (too strong a
word?) into something we want them  to be (exclusive, mysterious, etc.)
instead of accepting that they are not too much different than you or me,
but perhaps their music is...end of story.  I can't say that I won't still
search out original vinyl copies, instead of purchasing the fresh new
edited, commercial CD's, but let's not call these new moves, "selling out".

- j 

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It features a BAR CODE?  First playing live, now this...

That's it, it's official - Jandek has sold out.

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Jandek's second album, Six and Six, was out of print briefly, but has now
been re-reissued.  I just got the new edition in the mail today from
Corwood.  The back cover now sports a bar code that wasn't there before...

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