[Jandek] RE: Shadow of Leaves lyrics

Joe Henry farmofarmo at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 21 19:01:33 PDT 2004

Hey, thanks for the appreciation. I agree with both of
your corrections. The "grave life" line threw me off
for the same grammatical vagueness that you mentioned.
Jandek's career-spanning method of (and I'm sure it's
intentional) addressing a vague "you" that could be
either his god/lover/mother/audience/friend/self seems
to have been getting plently of use lately. I enjoy
playing the guessing game as I listen to the new CDs.

--- Paul Condon <paulgcondon at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Another excellent Joe Henry transcription! I was
> going to do one but I'm
> glad you beat me to it. There's some really odd
> lines in this one and
> it's good to know someone else hears them the same
> way - "I'm clear as
> glass rainbow" for example.
> Here is my obligatory nitpicking!
> "Or the really really real"
> I hear this as "Are they really really real"
> "And I frequent your great life"
> I hear this as "And I frequent your grave, Life"
> On my first listen, when I heard "I frequent your
> grave..." my immediate
> thought was that he was singing to a deceased
> person, but then he says
> "life". Although it sounds odd, it seems to me that
> he's talking about
> the grave OF life rather than somebody's life which
> is grave in
> nature... if you see what I'm getting at... because
> I'm not entirely
> sure what Jandek is getting at here...
> Recent Jandek lyrics have tended to be apparently
> addressing either God,
> a living or dead lover/friend/relative/whatever or
> the listener. I find
> it very hard to tell with the title track here.
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