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I forgot Syd Barrett, think thats been metioned before. what about Neil young? some of the long stuff,and bare honesty/emotion could of been an influence.
also, i found this at one of my favourite musicians(/poet/painters) fan sites guest book...
(http://www.billychildish.com) its at Page 4.
Friday 05/14/2004 2:28:16am 
Name:Sterling R. Smith
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Referred By:Just Surfed In
Location:Houston, TX
Comments:Good stuff. I just purchased the Buff Medway's latest release (1914), and although it sounds like pretty much everything else Bill and his wily crew of miscreants have released since '79, it's better than 95% of the drivel being shoved down our collective throats these days.

May you continue to be successful at what you do, Bill, and keep the tunes rolling in!

i mentioned him a while back on this post list...maybe he does keep a watch on happenings (?)

i definatly didn't write it...if it was someone here...own up ;)


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