[Jandek] RE: Shadow of Leaves lyrics

Paul Condon paulgcondon at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 21 12:27:03 PDT 2004

Another excellent Joe Henry transcription! I was going to do one but I'm
glad you beat me to it. There's some really odd lines in this one and
it's good to know someone else hears them the same way - "I'm clear as
glass rainbow" for example.

Here is my obligatory nitpicking!

"Or the really really real"
I hear this as "Are they really really real"

"And I frequent your great life"
I hear this as "And I frequent your grave, Life"
On my first listen, when I heard "I frequent your grave..." my immediate
thought was that he was singing to a deceased person, but then he says
"life". Although it sounds odd, it seems to me that he's talking about
the grave OF life rather than somebody's life which is grave in
nature... if you see what I'm getting at... because I'm not entirely
sure what Jandek is getting at here...
Recent Jandek lyrics have tended to be apparently addressing either God,
a living or dead lover/friend/relative/whatever or the listener. I find
it very hard to tell with the title track here.

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