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Wed Jul 14 20:02:13 PDT 2004

The Residents are involved with the mafia. That's why nobody talks. The art mafia if you will. At any rate, in my opinion Jandek and the Residents have similar yet opposite approaches to their product.
The Residents sell themself by (making up?) their own mysterious past. In fact, most of the Residents work is presented carefully and so are their public appearances etc. They've attached their own personality to the Residents outside the music.
Jandek on the other hand does the same thing by doing the opposite. He makes no public appearances, and the only way you get any clue about his personality is through his music (which also seems much more genuine than Residents prod.)
Though I could be misunderstanding the whole situation. See? That's how they're similar. Keep the listener guessing with the whole anonymity aspect.
................oh! just their vocals? get outta here man. Jandek is a howl and and while and a whisper. Resinger is a growl, a shreik and a bellow. Very theatrical performance from the Resvocalist. Jandek does not appear to be theatrical.
So foo, you's out yo mind.

Have a nice day (and keep discussing)
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