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Mark Greenberg mark at mayfairrecordings.com
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I remember hearing some stories that say the Residents were actually made up
of the members from the 60's Cali band the Beau Brummels. The BBs ended
right around the time the Residents started up, they were both from San
Mateo/San Francisco, CA. The Beau Brummels were on Warner Bros. and the
Residents were turned down and named by Warner Bros (the returned/rejected
tapes were addressed simply to 'the Residents"). There seemed to be more
things that linked them together. OH, a likely reason they tried to be on
Warner Bros was that Capt. Beefheart was on Warners and a guy that worked
for WB (Carl Scott) was previously with the Beau Brummels' management
company. I can not remember all the other connections now that I am posting.
Has anyone ever heard this tale? Anyone know any more of it? Truth? Lies?

Either way, I think it is well known that the Residents are a California
band and were putting out records on Ralph from California the same time our
friend Jandek was putting out records from Houston on Corwood. I would
certainly believe that they would have liked each other musically. I wonder
if Jandek had their records? It seems I can hear bits of Dylan-isms in
Jandek's music. To my ears that is the only obvious inspiration I can think
of besides blues references. Anyone pick up any others? Was/is Jandek a
music listener/fan?

-Mark Greenberg

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  One thing that strikes me with Jandek's music is a vocal similarity with
The Residents.  I don't know the Residents too extensively there though, so
I maybe completely wrong.  I did a search about this one the web and found
an old posting on this list about Miroslav Wanek, a musician that seemed to
have some association with the Residents who was approached by Jandek for a
collaboration (imagine getting *that* letter in the mail!!) - but from that
posting it seemed like Wanek knows who the Residents are and didn't
immediately remember who Jandek was, thus eliminating the theory that Jandek
is one of the Residents....  just kicking an idea around.  Are there any
other links between Mr J & The Residents?

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