[Jandek] Question About Recent Corwood Releases

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Sun Jan 18 00:24:17 PST 2004

Someone recently told me his age, or at least the age of the person who holds 
the copyrights to his material, and I was a little shocked. I won't blurt it 
out here because I enjoy Jandek's mystique and I assume others do too, but it 
did make me wonder if he was still recording.

In 1980 he said he had enough stockpiled for 30 albums.

Also, the titles of some of the songs on the last CD indicate he might be 
winding down, or finishing up altogether: "I See the Open Door", "I Just Might Go 

I don't currently own any of his CDs, but perhaps I should take the plunge 
and just order the whole set. $140 isn't bad for 35 discs. How long does it 
usually take to receive an order from Corwood?

farmofarmo at aol.com wrote:

His voice has aged recently, more deep and booming than before. I don't think 
that the new stuff is archival material, Jandek seems to make reference to 
past songs and phases. I don't know about the digital recording/tape thing, 

 He's probably only in his fifties, which is not that old, when you look at 
the achievements of Johnny Cash in his twilight years.
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