[Jandek] Question About Recent Corwood Releases

Todd Madson crash at waste.org
Sat Jan 17 21:25:09 PST 2004

I have considered this myself.  I am a musician myself and I've been
recording since about 1978 and there's so much stuff in the can that
even if I stopped recording now I'd have enough material for at least
twenty albums.

I like to think he's still at it though.

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004 soolip at aol.com wrote:

> Do you believe that Jandek is releasing recently recorded music, or is he
> slowly releasing stuff he recorded a long time ago? Does the new stuff sound like
> it's been digitally recorded, or transferred from tape. Has Jandek's voice
> "aged" at all?
> Jandek is getting up in years -- I'm just wondering if he's still an active
> musician...
> Greg


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