[Jandek] Question About Recent Corwood Releases

Joe Henry farmofarmo at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 17 19:06:23 PST 2004

His voice has aged recently, more deep and booming than before. I don't think that the new stuff is archival material, Jandek seems to make reference to past songs and phases. I don't know about the digital recording/tape thing, though.
He's probably only in his fifties, which is not that old, when you look at the achievements of Johnny Cash in his twilight years.

soolip at aol.com wrote:
Do you believe that Jandek is releasing recently recorded music, or is he slowly releasing stuff he recorded a long time ago? Does the new stuff sound like it's been digitally recorded, or transferred from tape. Has Jandek's voice "aged" at all?

Jandek is getting up in years -- I'm just wondering if he's still an active musician...


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