[Jandek] Question About Recent Corwood Releases

Steve stevetrash at verizon.net
Sun Jan 18 10:29:59 PST 2004

I ordered the whole lot and it took about 2-3 weeks from when I dropped 
the check in the mail.

On 1/18/2004 3:14 AM, soolip at aol.com wrote:

> Someone recently told me his age, or at least the age of the person who 
> holds the copyrights to his material, and I was a little shocked. I 
> won't blurt it out here because I enjoy Jandek's mystique and I assume 
> others do too, but it did make me wonder if he was still recording.
> In 1980 he said he had enough stockpiled for 30 albums.
> Also, the titles of some of the songs on the last CD indicate he might 
> be winding down, or finishing up altogether: "I See the Open Door", "I 
> Just Might Go Now".
> I don't currently own any of his CDs, but perhaps I should take the 
> plunge and just order the whole set. $140 isn't bad for 35 discs. How 
> long does it usually take to receive an order from Corwood?
> farmofarmo at aol.com wrote:
> His voice has aged recently, more deep and booming than before. I don't 
> think that the new stuff is archival material, Jandek seems to make 
> reference to past songs and phases. I don't know about the digital 
> recording/tape thing, though.
> He's probably only in his fifties, which is not that old, when you look 
> at the achievements of Johnny Cash in his twilight years.

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