[Jandek] RE: butts for jandek 2004

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> Okay, I'm over it now.  The important thing is to get the lighting and the
> angles right.  Don't just send any old painted butt pictures to someone
> Jandek.  I can't see the pictures.  I'm usually AmberM on slsk, and right
> now, I'm AmberMinFlorida (for anyone who wants little video clips of
> Thursday night's jam in the trailor park).  My idea was to do sexy
> that were inspired by his album covers -- maybe he'd appreciate that more.
> We're pretty sure he's straight, but still, he might not like getting that
> kind of attention at all, so I've held off all this time.

Probably a good idea. He seems not to want his activites as Jandek to
intrude too much into his everyday personal life. Having strangers send him
something as personal as nude pictures would probably ensure that his live
performance a few months ago would be the only one he ever did.

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