[Jandek] RE: butts for jandek 2004

Gregory Stanton gregory.stanton at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 28 09:30:58 PST 2004

Sending naked pictures of yourself to a complete stranger is a sign of 
mental imbalance. Get some therapy.

Sending someone pictures of ASSES could be taken as an insult.

Please don't stalk Jandek. I'm sure he gets his share of nutty pen pals.

Amber M wrote:

> I have to say I'm a little upset about this butts for Jandek thing.  
> I've been thinking about sending Jandek nude self-portraits for a 
> while now (and there are people on this list who encouraged me to do 
> so).  But, I didn't want to offend him, and I wanted to wait till I 
> had something really good.  Now somebody else is doing it...
> Okay, I'm over it now.  The important thing is to get the lighting and 
> the angles right.  Don't just send any old painted butt pictures to 
> someone like Jandek.  I can't see the pictures.  I'm usually AmberM on 
> slsk, and right now, I'm AmberMinFlorida (for anyone who wants little 
> video clips of Thursday night's jam in the trailor park).  My idea was 
> to do sexy pictures that were inspired by his album covers -- maybe 
> he'd appreciate that more.  We're pretty sure he's straight, but 
> still, he might not like getting that kind of attention at all, so 
> I've held off all this time.
> I won't be the first to do it, so this is great, you can be the guinea 
> pigs.  If you get a good response, I'll be sure to follow with my own 
> pics.  If not, I'll just keep secretly taking dirty pictures of myself 
> while listening to Jandek (talk about alone time).
> Amber
> p.s. You guys who worry about your girlfriends not liking Jandek: at 
> least you're not gay!  The music in gay bars is terrible!
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