[Jandek] How best to prepare??

stephen barry stephen.barry at arup.com
Thu Aug 19 01:15:57 PDT 2004

Ya - I'd recommend the walk thing too.  I heard my first Jandek, I Threw You
Away, on a bus home from work - ie. rush hour traffic, people everywhere
etc, and man, that was wierd.  

 D> So any day now ( hopefully ) I should be receiving my first Jandek
 D> cd's. I selected Six and Six and Chair beside the Window.  What do I
 D> need to do to prepare?? Should I listen to a CD straight through? Do
 D> you recommend cocktails or should I be sober? Is it advisable to be
 D> laying down?? Should I wait until it is dark??  thoughts anyone????

I recommend going for a walk where there are no people.

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