[Jandek] How best to prepare??

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Thu Aug 19 13:50:00 PDT 2004

The first time I listened to a full Jandek album was while I was 
house-sitting by myself at night.  I picked out a cd, turned it up loud enough to be heard 
audibly in other rooms, and I sat in the kitchen (on the opposite end of the 
house). I can't quite explain the feeling, but being in a strange darkened 
house by myself with On the Way permiating every recess of the place just kind of 
went hand in hand.  I did the same thing with Chair Beside a Window, 
Interstellar Disscussion, Blue Corpse, and You Walk Alone.  It almost felt like 
actually being there while Jandek recorded the music.  I tried listening to it 
during the day or in a car or with other people but the same feeling never occurs.

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