[Jandek] JANDEK ON CORWOOD DVD release date announced

Jandek on Corwood mail at jandekoncorwood.com
Wed Aug 18 23:05:38 PDT 2004

Hey all,

We've settled on a DVD release date... the disc itself is finalised.

NOVEMBER 23, 2004 is the set-in-stone date.  We're really pleased with how the disc has turned out... it's brimming with 'extras' and commentary and such.  Should be a great disc.

Preorders will start in mid October.  We're playing with the idea of including some sort of "extra" incentive for a preorder (along the lines of a free poster, or CD, or something... we haven't worked that out yet).

There are quite a few new North American screenings on the website (www.jandekoncorwood.com) so... check them out, there might be something near you.

As always, we're here to answer your questions... many thanks and warmest regards,
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