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> *here's a review of the song "green and yellow" I
> found in another blog:
> "Green and Yellow" is the album's opener, and has
> been described as "minimal 'I'm stuck in the sewer
> with my Stratocaster and a practice amp' blues", which
> isn't entirely inapt but which seems a bit limited to
> me.

Hah... I remember writing that a couple of years back. Gives me a warm fuzzy
feeling to know that someone thought it was worth quoting. I suppose I was
referring as much to the actual sound of the recording as I was anything

On a different tip, the latest David Sylvian disc, "Blemish" contains 3 cuts
of David's introspective baritone warblings backed by guitarist Derek
Bailey, who sounds like he's perhaps doing a somewhat more frantic and
animated Jandek impression as he destroys his acoustic guitar. It's
challenging stuff, and to be honest, I much prefer the rest of the album (or
Jandek, for that matter) which contains a number of stark tremlolo
pedal-driven soundscapes peppered with occasional bursts of digital glitch
and sputter, but I'd be curious to know if anyone else on the list has heard
this album and also felt there might be some vague nod to Jandek lurking in
there, or if I'm just imagining it.

Hmm... this review of the album says "For fans of: Peter Gabriel, Talk Talk,
Jandek", so maybe it's not just me.



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