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Daniel Marks alfredggnome at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 23 14:59:22 PST 2003

*someone blogged a review of the documentary:

i'm not sure if it's someone on this list or not, but
it's still an interesting review.

*here's a review of the song "green and yellow" I
found in another blog:

"Jandek - "Green and Yellow" 

This is probably my favorite Jandek song. It's taken
from Lost Cause, which is one of the handful of Jandek
LPs that haven't yet been reissued on CD, and which
has perhaps the most comprehensive overview of
Jandek's different styles that one can get on a single
LP. "Green and Yellow" is the album's opener, and has
been described as "minimal 'I'm stuck in the sewer
with my Stratocaster and a practice amp' blues", which
isn't entirely inapt but which seems a bit limited to
me. The chord progression is quite simple (F#7, then
E7#9 without the root), but the meter is remarkably
elusive -- those little fermatas at the end of every
phrase displace the beat by a tiny bit, making it
impossible to count metronomically through the song
(though the rhythm is quite steady and natural). I
like Jandek's vocal delivery, but perhaps there's
something about it -- I want to use the word
"detached", but that's not quite right -- that
obscures the emotional content of the lyrics, which
are quite raw, even moving. (Or perhaps it's
absolutely perfect for them: you decide.)" 

*another blogger mentioned the songs in the key of Z
CD, and had this to say: "Jandek is one scary son of a

*someone else had this to say: "has anyone seen any
jandek stuff for sale in london, I'm intrigued just
like everybody else, I'm imagining the musical
equivalent of the house in texas chainsaw massacre.
old grandad in his rocking chair in some backwater mid
western town that time passed by in the late seventies
and old jandek shuffling about in the garage knocking
a new l.p out. Of course this is such a romantic
notion i bet its way of the mark, I bet it's all way
more calculating than that. Apparently when asked by a
reprter what he hoped people would get from his
records he replied "There's nothing to get?" but of
course there is everything to know and get from this
dude. "

*one person refers to Jandek as a "dubious cult
figure", along with robert crumb. he is clearly an
idiot. cult figures yes, but not dubiously.

*another blogger made an amusing comment with which I
agree: "...today I start a
new class. The Psychology of the Heroic Journey. I
hope it only covers the journey of Jandek and Lord of
the rings. Then again I sort of hope that about

he's started a jandek appreciation society, which is
cool. and wrote this up: "MY FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT
1. His music is a little bit scary
2. No one knows who he really is
3. found a lady
4. Lost her
5. Probably lives with his parents.
6. Wants you to order 1000 records on the order form.
7. May or may not be the 12th apostle
8. the rifle is in the closet.
9. Insane record titles I think intersteller
discussion is my favorite.
10. Gave me a reason to have a club meet at my house."

fun times. now i'm sure this guy is on the list.

*yet another new fan: "..it didn't keep me up all
night, I kept waking up with a start from nightmares
about Jandek songs...Jumping back to Jandek, Aquarius
Records has a bunch of RealAudio files from several of
his albums, which I listened to over headphones last
night. What's there is much more...intriguing?
compelling?...than the stuff I'd heard before like
"They Told Me I Was A Fool". I'm wary of exploring
much further though, as, from last night's experience,
I have to wonder whether listening to this music is
really good for me -- in it I hear the first inklings
of something deeply disturbing and oppressive. Perhaps
there is indeed something to it after all, but if so,
it's something that may be hazardous to one's sense of

agreed, perhaps. I could go on forever here. there's
tons out there, so much more than a couple years ago.


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