[Jandek] Jandek and Blogging

Phil phil at masstransfer.net
Sat Dec 27 20:56:45 PST 2003

At 2:48 PM -0800 12/23/2003, Daniel Marks wrote:

>*here's a review of the song "green and yellow" I
>found in another blog:

Hey, that's me!  Glad to know someone's reading -- and Ian, glad to hear
that you appreciated my quoting of your description, which I thought was a
memorable image (despite my rather infelicitous way of saying so: "isn't
entirely inapt"?  I need an editor!).

>*yet another new fan: "..it didn't keep me up all
>night, I kept waking up with a start from nightmares
>about Jandek songs...

...and that's also me!  That was a little more than a year before the first
quote (April 2002 vs. May 2003).  Obviously I got to know Jandek a bit
better over the intervening months, though I still think "Ready for the
House" is indeed one of the most "deeply disturbing and oppressive" albums
I've ever heard.  (Then again, that may well have been the idea.)

-- Phil

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