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WNUR, occasional shows 1999–2004

Continental Drift, 16 June 2004

Meuzzaines of Istanbul “Azhan (Calling to Prayer)” The Sacred Koran: Islamic Chants of the Ottoman Empire (JVC World Sounds)
Watazumido-Shuso “Dai-Bosatsu” The Mysterious Sounds of the Japanese Bamboo Flute (Everest)
Chukp’a Kim & Tong Jun Kim “Minsok P’unru” Korean Kayagum Music: Sanjo (Seven Seas World Music Library)
Nadi Qamar “California Sutra #3” (excerpt) Likembi Song Book (Folkways)
“The ‘Water Drum’” Cameroon: Baka Pygmy Music (UNESCO)
“Multiple Mask” Ivory Coast: Dan Masks (Ocora)
Prince Aboubakar Njiasse Njoya “Tatat (music of the palace” Cameroon Bamum Kingdom: Palace and Secret Societies Music (Inedit)
Nhac Le Ensemble “Dan Cach” Nhac Le, Ritual Music of Vietnam (Seven Seas World Music Library)
“Hun solo” Music of Northeast Thailand (Seven Seas World Music Library)
“Chauk Lon Bat Let Swan” White Elephants & Golden Ducks: Enchanting Musical Treasures from Burma (Shanachie)
Master Musician of Joujouka “Leaving Makes Me Sad / Your Eyes Make Me Want to Drink Tea” Joujouka Black Eyes (Le Coeur du Monde)
Caetano Veloso “Asa Branca” Caetano Veloso (1971) (Philips)

Expansion Experiment, 25 May 2004

theme music: Can “Pnoom” Delay 1968 (Restless)
Open City “Fetch and Squabble...” The Birth of Cruel (Thin Wrist)
Wolf Eyes (track 4) Mugger (Hanson)
Derek Bailey “f/b(e)electric 7-06” String Theory (Paratactile)
Whitehouse “Masters of the Overviolence” Twice is Not Enough (Susan Lawly)
New Blockaders (track 1, excerpt) Changez les Blockeurs (Urthona)
Merzbow “Wounded Cycad Dub” Tauromachine (Release)
Albert Ayler “A Y” (excerpt) New York Eye and Ear Control (ESP Disk)
Iancu Dumitrescu “Pierres Sacrees” ED MN 1003 (Edition Modern)
Bernard Parmegiani, “Elastic Study” De Natura Sonorum (INAGRM)
Luc Ferrari (excerpt) Danses organiques (Elica)
Mauricio Kagel “Blue’s Blue” (excerpt) 2 (Disques Montaigne)
Daniel Higgs “Listen, Dear One” Magic Alphabet (Northern Liberties)
Angus Maclise “The First Subtle Cabinet” (excerpt) The Cloud Doctrine (Sub Rosa)
Vibracathedral Orchestra “Visit/Forgive > Either” The Queen of Guess (VHF)
No Neck Blues Band “Ygg” Parallel Easters (S@1)
Joshua Abrams “Attic” Busride Interview (Lucky Kitchen)
Fennesz “Instrument 3” Field Recordings 1995:2002 (Touch)
Gate “Part IV” The Pavilion of Fools (no label)
Dafeldecker/Kurzmann/Drumm/dieb13 “wien1” Dafeldecker Kurzmann Drumm eRikm dieb13 Noetinger (Charhizma)
Eduard Artemyev “Stalker 1” Zerkalo/Stalker (Toei)
David Behrman “Interspecies Smalltalk: Scene 1” Leapday Night (Lovely)
Robert Ashley “Automatic Writing” (excerpt) Automatic Writing (Lovely)

Rock, 23 March 2004

theme music: Can “Pnoom” Delay 1968 (Restless)
Robert Wyatt “Chairman Mao” Mid-Eighties (Gramavision)
Ivor Cutler “Women of the World” ? (?)
Gary Schneider “Green Tambourine” Just For Fun (?)
Burning Star Core “I Wanna Make a Supersonic Woman of You” Amelia (Dronedisco)
Stereolab/Nurse With Wound “Simple Headphone Mind” ? (?)
John Cale & Terry Riley “Ides of March” Church of Anthrax (Columbia)
Agitation Free “Pulse” Malesch (Spalax)
Vincent Gallo “I Wrote This Song for the Girl Paris Hilton” When (Warp)
Magnetic Fields “Josephine” Distant Plastic Trees (Merge)
Paul McCartney “Ram On/Ram On” Ram (EMI)
Joseph Spence “We Shall Be Happy” Happy All the Time (Rounder)
Rev. Lester Knox “This World is Not My Home” Put Your Face in Gwod (Smack Shire)
Shoukichi Kina & Champloose “Haisai Ojisan” Music Power from Okinawa (?)
Gilberto Gil “Volks-Volkswagen Blue” Gilberto Gil (Mercury)
Skullflower “Wave” Xaman (Shock)
Jim O’Rourke “(track 3)” Old News (no label)
Chrome “Abstract Nympho” Half Machine Lip Moves (Touch & Go)
Bill Fay “Some Good Advice” 7" (?)
DNA “Lionel” No New York (Antilles)
The Homosexuals “Hearts in Exile” The Homosexuals’ CD (Recommended)
Half Japanese “B.C. Millionaires” Greatest Hits (Safe House)
Mars “Helen Fordsdale” Mars LP Complete Studio Recordings (G3G)
Void “Ignorant People” Faith/Void split (Dischord)
Rocket From the Tombs “Ain’t It Fun” The Day the Earth Met... (Glitterhouse)
Nurse With Wound “Journey Through Cheese” Soresucker (United Dairies)

Jazz, 5 August 2003

Jimmy Giuffre - “The Easy Way”
  The Easy Way (Verve)
Jimmy Giuffre - “Ray’s Time”
  The Easy Way (Verve)
Django Reinhardt - “Three Little Words”
  Jazz in Paris (Gitanes)
Fats Waller - “Hog Maw Stomp (take 2)”
  At the Organ Vol. 3 1926/1929 (Jazz Archives)
Tobias Delius 4tet - “Back Horse -> Chives”
  Pelikanismus (ICP)
Ex Orkest - “Kokend Asfalt”
  Een Rondje Holland (Ex)
Cecil Taylor - “Peat”
  2 Ts for a Lovely T (Codanza)
Tim Barnes - “29 Acoustic Sound Generators For Summer”
  All Acoustics (Quakebasket)
A Handful of Dust - “I Had Not Thought Death Had Undone So Many”
  Jerusalem, Street of Graves (Corpus Hermeticum)

WNUR, 1995-1999

Jazz, 11:00 Breaks, 1999

6 Dec: Nuova Consonanza, Improvisationen LP (Deutsche Grammophon, 1969)
29 Nov: Ornette Coleman, Ornette at 12 LP (Impulse!, 1969)
22 Nov: Barre Phillips, Journal Violone LP (Opus One, 1968)
15 Nov: Andrew Cyrille, What About? LP (Affinity, 1969)
25 Oct: Sam Rivers, Crystals LP (Impulse!, 1974)
18 Oct: Wolter Wierbos, Wierbos LP (Data, 1982)
11 Oct: Anthony Braxton, Solo: Live at Moers Festival LP (Moers, 1974)
4 Oct: Joe McPhee, Tenor LP (hat Hut, 1976)
27 Sep: Cecil Taylor, Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! LP (Pausa, 1981?)
22 Sep: Jimmy Giuffre, Tangents in Jazz LP (Capitol, 1956)
8 Sep: Julius Hemphill, Dogon A.D. LP (Arista Freedom, 1973?)
1 Sep: Borbetomagus, Zurich 2LP (Agaric, 1985)
18 Aug: Roscoe Mitchell, Solo Saxophone Concerts LP (Sackville, 1974?)
11 Aug: Polly Bradfield, Solo Violin Improvisations LP (Parachute, 1979?)
4 Aug: Bill Dixon, Intents and Purposes LP (RCA Victor, 1966?)
24 Mar: Sun Ra, Disco 3000 LP (Saturn, ????)

Jazz, 4 August 1999

Duke Ellington - “Discontented Blues”
  The Mosaic Sampler CD (Blue Note)
Jimmy Giuffre - “Iranic”
  The Mosaic Sampler CD (Blue Note)
John Coltrane - “Chasin’ the Trane”
  Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings 4CD (Impulse!)
Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath - “Do It”
  Live at Willisau CD (Ogun)
The Ex (Kat, Ab Baars, Michael Vatcher) - “If the Hat Fits the Suit”
  Instant 2CD (Ex)
Bill Dixon - (entire LP)
  Intents and Purposes LP (RCA Victor)
The Comforts of Madness - “4548 1812 8941 7024”
  Per S.E. CD (Durian)
Alan Silva/Johannes Bauer/Roger Turner - “Standard 6”
  In the Tradition CD (In Situ)
Günter Christmann - (side 2)
  Solomusiken LP (Ring)
John Zorn - “Hockey (acoustic version, take 13)”
  The Parachute Years 7CD (Tzadik)

Rock, 1 January 1999

Five hour marathon.

Organum - “Aurora”
  Sphyx LP (Aeroplane)
Gordon Mumma - “Mesa”
  Mesa/Pontpoint/Fwyyn LP (Lovely)
Karlheinz Stockhausen - (side A)
  Prozession LP (Varese International)
Mauricio Kagel - (side B)
  Der Schall LP (Deutsche Grammophon)
Voice Crack - (side A)
  Kick That Habit LP (Uhlang/Rec Rec)
Jandek - “The Electric End”
  Lost Cause LP (Corwood)
Un - “Heaven on Earth”
  Un LP (Siltbreeze)
Shadow Ring - “Like When”
  Hold Onto I.D. CD (Siltbreeze)
Michael Snow - “W in the D", “Left Right”
  Musics for Piano, Whistling, Microphone, and Tape
  Recorder 2CD (Track and Light)
Bruce Russell - “The Erasers”
  Project for a Revolution in New York LP (Siltbreeze)
Shifts - “Dot Three” through “Dot Six”
  Seven Dots CD (Meme)
Fred Van Hove - “Ruwe Ruimte”
  Flux 2CD (Potlatch)
This Heat - “Health and Efficiency”
  Health and Efficiency 2LP (These)

Jazz, 26 March 1997

This was a marathon five and a half hour show...

Stan Kenton - “Everything Happens to Me”
  City of Glass CD (Capitol)
Steve Beresford - “Unremarkable”
  Signals for Tea CD (Avant)
Ellery Eskelin & Andrea Parkins - “Mary Jane’s Dilemma”
  Green Bermudas CD (Eremite)
Charlie Parker - “Yardbird Suite”
Dizzy Gillespie/Charlie Parker - “Salt Peanuts”
  Yardbird Suite 2CD (Rhino)
Ornette Coleman - “W.R.U.”
  Beauty is a Rare Thing 6CD (Rhino)
Lou Grassi - “There’s No Business Like Jazz Business”
  Quick Wits CD (CIMP)
Masada - “Bacharach", “Zemer”
  Seven CD (DIW)
Barrage Double Trio - “Polarity”
  Utility Hitter CD (Quinnah)
Stan Kenton - “Thermopylae”
  City of Glass CD (Capitol)
John Carter - “Star Bright”
  A Suite of Early American Folk Pieces CD (Moers)
Paul Rogers - “Heron Moon IV”
  Heron Moon CD (Rare)
Anthony Braxton & George Lewis - (track 1, excerpt)
  Donaueschingen (Duo) 1976 CD (hat ART)
Frisque Concordance - “Spelling C”
  Spellings CD (Random Acoustics)
Charlie Parker - “Donna Lee”
  Yardbird Suite 2CD (Rhino)
Jimmy McGriff - “Spear for Moondog, Parts 1 and 2”
  Electric Funk CD (Blue Note)
Sludge 2000 - “Instant Discoveries No. 2”
  The Thunderclaps CD (X-OR)
John Zorn - “Word for Bird”
  Spy vs. Spy (Elektra)
Bern Nix Trio - “Z Jam Blues”
  Alarms and Excursions (New World)
Tim Berne’s Bloodcount - “Yes Dear”
  Unwound 3CD (Screwgun)
Duke Ellington - “Medley”
  Live Vol. 1 LP (Affinity)
Cecil Taylor - “Excursion on a Wobbly Rail”
  Looking Ahead CD (Original Jazz Classics)
Bud Powell - “Cherokee”
  Jazz at Massey Hall Vol. 2 CD (Original Jazz Classics)
Sam Rivers - “Dance of the Tripedal”
  Contours LP (Blue Note)
Gonzalo Rubalcaba - “Woody’n You”
  Imagine CD (Blue Note)
Max Roach Trio - “Three-Four vs. Six-Eight Four-Four Ways”
  Featuring the Legendary Hasaan CD (Atlantic)
Jemeel Moondoc - “Another One the Hard Way”
  Tri-P-Let CD (Eremite)
Roy Haynes - “Brujeria Con Salsa”
  Senyah LP (Mainstream)
Sahib Shihab - “Le’ Sneak”
  Jazz Sahib CD (Savoy)
Andre Jaume & Joe McPhee - “Drumdancer”
  Tales and Prophecies 2LP (hat Hut)
Nuova Consonanza - “Improvvisazione per cinque", “RKBA 1675”
  Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza CD (Edition RZ)
Evan Parker & Paul Lytton - “The Night the Ariel Left Harwich
  and other Synchronicities”
  Three Other Stories CD (Emanem)

Jazz, 18 March 1996

John Patton - “String Bean”
  various artists: Rare Grooves CD (Blue Note)
Ari Brown - “Ultimate Frontier”
  Ultimate Frontier CD (Delmark)
Sonny Rollins - “H.S.”
  +3 CD (Milestone)
Hamiet Bluiett - “The Village of Brooklyn, IL”
  Birthright CD (India Navigation)
Steve Lacy - “This is It”
  Actuality CD (Cavity Search)
Shelly Manne - “Cherokee”
  2-3-4 CD (Impulse!)
Lee Konitz, Don Friedman, Attila Zoller - “Alone Together”
  Thingin CD (hat ART)
Jane Ira Bloom - “Wing Dining”
  The Nearness CD (Arabesque)
Sonny Stitt - “Later”
  Kaleidoscope CD (OJC)
Miles Davis - “Go Ahead John”
  Big Fun 2CD (Sony Japan)
NRG Ensemble - “Whirlwind”
  This is My House CD (Delmark)
David S. Ware - “Dao Above Sky”
  Dao CD (Homestead)
Jack DeJohnette Special Edition - “Starburst”
  Inflation Blues LP (ECM)
Gerry Hemingway - “Aivilik Rays: Lost Frontier”
  Electroacoustic Solo Works 1984-95 CD (Random Acoustics)
John Butcher, Phil Durrant, John Russell - “The Spread”
  Concert Moves CD (Random Acoustics)
Christian Munthe - “Muntholm 1”
  Muntmunt CD (Blue Tower)

WHPK, 1994-1995

Cacophony 11, 12 October 1994

Scelsi, Giacinto - “Xnoybis”
  ??? CD (Accord)
THU20 - “Derde Uni”
  Eerste Schijf CD (???)
Bradfield, Polly - “(side 1, excerpt)”
  Solo Violin Improvisations LP (Parachute)
Cage, John - “Book 1”
  Music of Changes CD (Wergo)
AMM - “Ailantus Glandulosa”
  AMMusic 1966 CD (Recommended/Matchless)
Hafler Trio - “Grey Voices”
  Bang! An Open Letter CD (Touch)
Merzbow - “I Lead You Towards Glorious Times”
  Venereology CD (Relapse)

Rock, 12 October 1994

Can - “I’m Too Leise”
  Unlimited Edition CD (Mute)
Labradford - “Julius”
  7” (Merge)
Dead C. - “Maggot”
  Eusa Kills CD (Flying Nun)
Codeine - “Cigarette Machine”
  Frigid Stars CD (Sub Pop)
Fushitsusha - “(disc 1, track 4)”
  Double Live CD (PSF)
Brise-Glace - “Neither Yield Nor Reap”
  When in Vanitas... CD (Skin Graft)
Boredoms - “Chocolate Out”
  Super Roots CD-EP (Reprise)
Rudimentary Peni - “The Evil Clergyman”
  Cacophony CD (Outer Himalayan)
Killdozer - “Going to the Beach”
  Snakeboy EP (Touch & Go)
White, James, and the Blacks - “Contort Yourself”
  12” (???)
Perry, Lee - “Fisherman Dub”
  Megaton Dub 2 CD (Seven Leaves)

Cacophony 11, 26 October 1994

Ferrari, Luc - “Unheimlich Schoen”
  Unheimlich Schoen CD3 (Metamkine)
Ligeti, Gyorgy - “Second String Quartet, 4th movement”
  LP (Deutsche Grammophon)
Xenakis, Iannis - “Pithoprakta”
  Metastasis/ Eonta/ Pithoprakta LP (Cardinal)
Bilting/Karkowski - “Als der Himmer brannte”
  Phauss/Karkowski/Bilting CD (Silent)
Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs - “(side 1)”
  Durian Durian LP (Forced Exposure)
Borbetomagus - “7b”
  Seven Reasons for Tears LP (Purge Sound League)

Rock, 26 October 1994

Buckley, Tim - “Lorca”
  Lorca CD (???)
Dead C. - “Envelopment”
  Eusa Kills CD (Flying Nun)
God is My Co-Pilot - “Out in the Streets”
  I am Not This Body CD (The Making of Americans)
Gerogerigegege - “(side 2)”
  ??? 7” (???)
Breaking Circus - “Lady in the Lake”
  The Very Long Fuse EP (Homestead)
Parliament - “Mr. Wiggles”
  Motorbooty Affair LP (???)
Charalambides - “Torn Between”
  ??? LP (Siltbreeze)

Cacophony 11, 9 November 1994

Bailey, Derek & Bennink, Han - “(side 1)”
  Company 3 LP (Incus)
Noitinger, Jerome - “Gloire A”
  Gloire A CD3 (Metamkine)

Rock, 9 November 1994

Kadotani, Michio - “(track 5)”
  Rotten Telepathies CD (PSF)
This Heat - “???”
  This Heat CD (These)
Labradford - “Preserve the Sound Outside”
  Prazision CD (Kranky)
Waters, Patty - “Why is Love Such a Funny Thing”
  Sings CD (ESP)
Fahey, John - “King Philip”
  The Best of John Fahey CD (???)
Buckley, Tim - “So Lonely”
  ??? CD (???) 
Jandek - “I’ll Sit Alone and Think a Lot About You”
  ??? LP (Corwood)
Haino, Keiji - “Affection (excerpt)”
  Affection CD (PSF)

Jazz, 11 December 1994

Lacy, Steve - “Virgin Jungle”
  The Door CD (Novus/RCA)
Davis, Miles - “Prelude (Part II)”
  Agartha 2CD (Columbia)
Flying Luttenbachers - “Coffeehouse on Fire”
  Constructive Destruction LP (Quinnah)
Plimley, Paul/Ellis, Lisle/Cyrille, Andrew - “Good News Blues”
 When Silence Pulls CD (Music & Arts)
Sun Ra - “For the Sunrise”
  Live at Montreux 2LP (Inner City)
Sun Ra - “Sunrise”
  Blue Delight LP (A&M)
Pearson, Duke - “Straight Up and Down”
  Introducing Duke Pearson’s Big Band LP (Blue Note)
World Saxophone Quartet - “Dar El Sudan”
  Point of No Return CD (Moers)
Braxton, Anthony/Parker, Evan/Bailey, Derek - “Mutala”
  Company 2 LP (Incus)
Morris, Joe - “Last Mile”
  Human Rites 2LP (Riti)
Haino, Keiji/ Phillips, Barre/Toyozumi, Sabu - “Death of Rationality”
  CD (PSF)
Coxhill, Lol/Frith, Fred - “Lamoges 2”
  French Gigs LP (???)
Noble, Steve/Ward, Alex - “Saw and Clarinet”
  Ya Boo, Reel & Rumble CD (Incus)
New Winds - “Pluma Euphonia”
  Traction CD (???)
Shepp, Archie - “Crepuscule With Nellie”
  In Europe, Vol. 1 LP (Delmark)
Giuffre, Jimmy - “Scintilla IV”
  Tangents in Jazz LP (Pausa)

Cacophony 11, 18 July 1995

Maciunas Ensemble - “The Four Daltons”
  Number Made Audible CD (Het Apollohuis)
Luc Ferrari - “Cellule 75”
  Cellule 75/Collection 85 CD (ADDA)
Indicate - “(track 1)”
  Whelm CD (Touch)
Evan Parker - “The Dark Nurse”
  Saxophone Solos CD (Chronoscope)

WKDI, 1993

This was a three hour show that ran Wednesday mornings from 6am to 9am for a semester out in DeKalb, Illinois, a town in which I can be reasonably confident I had precious few listeners, especially considering that the station only broadcast over AM and the cable system. The show was dedicated to “Improvised Music", which was supposed to cover jazz, free improv, and avant-classical works incorporating performer choice and indeterminacy.

6 October 1993

Massacre - “Tourism”
  Killing Time LP (Celluloid)
Steve Lacy - “Momentum”
  Momentum CD (Novus/RCA)
Albert Ayler - “Ghosts: First Variation”
  Spiritual Unity CD (ESP-Disk)
Jimmy Lyons - “Shakin’ Back”
  Wee Sneezawee LP (Black Saint)
Flying Luttenbachers - “Throwing Bricks”
  546 Seconds of Noise 7” (Quinnah)
Tim Berne - “Icicles Revisited”
  Fulton Street Maul CD (Columbia)
Anthony Braxton & Joseph Jarman - “Composition No. 21”
  Together Alone LP (Delmark)
John Coltrane - “Saturn”
  Interstellar Space CD (Impulse!)
Ornette Coleman - “Clergyman’s Dream”
  The Great London Concert LPx2 (Arista Freedom)
Fat - “Dream of a Can Opener”
  Magnetizer CD (Megaphone)
Jandek - “Harmonica”
  Blue Corpse LP (Corwood)
Cecil Taylor - “Pethro Visiting the Abyss”
  In Florescence CD (A&M)
Polly Bradfield - “(side 2, track 2)”
  Solo Violin Improvisations LP (Parachute)
Arcado String Trio - “Gartman’s”
  Arcado String Trio CD (JMT)
Shaking Ray Levis & Jack Wright - “Ssshikepoke”
  comp: Mighty Risen Plea LPx2 (Sacred Frame)
Henry Kaiser - “The Set-Up”
  Marrying For Money LP (Minor Music)
Naked City - “(tracks 13Ð20)”
  Torture Garden CD (Toy’s Factory)
Borbetomagus - “Choking Olga”
  7” (Butt Rag)
Sun Ra - “Hole in the Sky”
  Somewhere Else (Rounder)
LaDonna Smith & Davey Williams - “Outboard Wish”
  comp: Lowlife #16 7” (RRRecords/Lowlife)
Anthony Braxton - “Composition 26b”
  Anthony Braxton/Robert Schumann String Quartet LP (Sound Aspects)
Sun Ra - “Island in the Sun”
  The Invisible Shield LP (Saturn)

13 October 1993

Karlheinz Stockhausen - “Intensitaet”
  Aus dem Sieben Tagen LPx7 (Deutsche Grammophon)
Derek Bailey & Jon Raskin - “Realgar”
  comp: The Science Set LP (Metalanguage)
Fred Frith & Henry Kaiser - “It Moves...”
  With Friends Like These LP (Metalanguage)
Liof Munimula - “Bad Shave at the Zanzibar Hotel”
  The Jonah Syndrome LP (Garlic)
Revolutionary Ensemble - “Collegno”
  The Psyche LP (???)
ROVA - “Exiles”
  This, This, This, This LP (???)
Gregg Bendian Project - “CHOONT”
  Gregg Bendian Project CS (Aggregate)
Splatter Trio - “Three Tests for Detecting a Lack of Control”
  Anagrams CD (Rastascan)
Murray Reams & Paul Hoskin - “Transport 422”
  comp: Revival CS (Sound & Fury)
Art Ensemble of Chicago - “Illistrum”
  Fanfare For the Warriors LP (Columbia)
Cecil Taylor - “Pontos Cantados”
  comp: One Night With Blue Note Preserved, Vol. 2 CS (Blue Note)
Anthony Braxton - “Composition 23g”
  Five Pieces 1975 LP (Arista)
Sam Rivers - “Involution”
  Dimensions and Extensions CS (Blue Note)
Charles Gayle - “Solid Clouds”
  Always Born CD (Silkheart)
Paul Flaherty & Randall Colbourne - “Oceans in Distress”
  Endangered Species LP (Cadence)
John Zorn - “WRU”
  Spy vs. Spy LP (???)
Ornette Coleman - “Good Old Days”
  The Empty Foxhole LP (Atlantic)
Sun Ra - “Blackman”
  Universe in Blue LP (Saturn)
Sun Ra - “Somewhere in Space”
  Out There a Minute LP (Blast First!)

27 October 1993

New York Art Quartet - “Short”
  New York Art Quartet CD (ESP/ZYX)
Karlheinz Stockhausen - “Prozession (1967 version) (excerpt)”
  Prozession LP (Varese International)
Hands To - “SFO (excerpt)”
  SFO CD (Zabriskie Point)
Stuart Dempster - “Didjeridervish (excerpt)”
  In the Great Abbey of Clement VI LP (Arch)
Art Ensemble of Chicago & Cecil Taylor - “Excerpt From Fifteen Part 3A”
  Thelonius Sphere Monk: Dreaming of the Masters Vol. 2 CD (DIW/Columbia)
Leo Smith - “Creative Music 1”
  Creative Music 1 LP (Kabell)
Merzbow - “Rainbow Electronics (except)”
  Rainbow Electronics CD (Alchemy)
Jim Sauter, Don Dietrich, & Thurston Moore - “All Doors Look Alike”
  Barefoot in the Head LP (Forced Exposure)
Hal Russell NRG Ensemble - “Raining Violets”
  The Finnish/Swiss Tour CD (ECM)
Sonny Rollins - “Pent-up House”
  comp: The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz LPx6 (Smithsonian/Columbia)
Pharoah Sanders - “Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt (excerpt)”
  Tauhid CD (Impulse!/GRP)
Miles Davis - “Tout de Suite”
  Filles de Kilimanjaro LP (Columbia)
Anthony Braxton - “Composition 6i”
  The Complete Braxton 1971 LPx2 (Arista Freedom)
Sun Ra - “Fate in a Pleasant Mood”
  Cosmo Sun Connection LP (Saturn/Recommended)
Sun Ra - “Omnisonicism”
  Dance of Innocent Passion LP (Saturn)

1 December 1993

Steve Lacy - “Retreat”
  Hot House CD (Novus/RCA)
Art Ensemble of Chicago - “Tutankhamun” (excerpt)
  Tutankhamun LP (Black Lion)
Anthony Braxton - “Composition 23d”
  New York, Fall 1974 LP (Arista)
Charles Mingus - “Duet Solo Dancers” & “Group Dancers”
  The Black Saint & the Sinner Lady CD (Impulse!/MCA)
Cecil Taylor - “Air” (take 9)
  The Complete Candid Recordings of Cecil Taylor and Buell
  Neidlinger CDx4 (Mosaic)
Charles Gayle - “Take Refuge”
  More Live at the Knitting Factory CDx2 (Knitting Factory Works)
Borbetomagus - (side 1, cut 1)
  New York Performances LP (Agaric)
Nihilist Spasm Band - “Archaeology”
  compilation: World Record CD (Alchemy)
Music Improvisation Company - “In the Victim’s Absence”
  1968-1971 CD (Incus)
AMM - “Neither Coffin Nor Shelf” (excerpt)
  The Crypt, 12 June 1968 CDx2 (Matchless)
Keiji Haino - “Affection” (excerpt)
  Affection CD (PSF)
William Hooker - “Radiance”
  The Firmament Fury CD (Silkheart)
Sun Ra - “Sunset on the River Nile”
  Mayan Temples CD (Black Saint)

WHPK, 1992-1993

Rock, 21 October 1992

Nurse With Wound - “Umbrella Link”
  To the Quiet Men From a Tiny Girl
Rudolph Grey - “Implosion 73”
  Mask of Light
Trust Obey - “Song #5”
  Fucking the Wound
Gerogerigegege - (several songs)
  Tokyo Anal Dynamite
X-Ray Spex - “Warrior in Woolworth’s”
  Germ-Free Adolescents
Ex - “Euroconfusion”
Crass - “Batamotel”
  Penis Envy
Swell Maps - “Collision With a Frogman”
  Jane From Occupied Europe
Suckdog - “The Seaweed”
  Little Flowers Dying
Caroliner - ???
  Strike Them Down, Drag Them to Church
SPK - “Berufsverbot” (excerpt)
  Information Overload Unit
Gordon Monahan - “Piano Drilling” (excerpt)
  Piano Mechanics