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I can't keep up with these kids these days... I guess this has been in
circulation for a while, but I just heard the word "Janky" applied to
something/somebody other than the rep a  couple of days ago. I jotted down
the reference, but lost it, of course, but a google search turns up a lot,
for example:


adjective; other word formation type
having the qualities of or being associated with a poor urban area or ghetto

This term has been deemed a more politically correct term for
European-Americans (Caucasians) to use than the adjective sense of ‘ghetto.’
It is uncertain what type of word formation process led to the introduction
of this word into our language. It is likely to be a novel creation because
European-Americans sought to create a more ‘politically correct’ and less
racially-charged term for ‘ghetto (adj.).’ It is possible, but probably less
likely, that it comes from a variation on ‘junky’ and that the vowel was
changed to distinguish it from ‘junky.’
Etymology : Its etymology has not yet been documented and may remain
uncertain, as it appears to have no clear origin or word formation process;
however, it was possibly formed as a novel creation by communities of
European-Americans. The ‘-y’ suffix on ‘janky’ is an adjective forming
suffix; the origin and meaning of ‘jank,’ however, is uncertain and it is
not known to appear on its own as a noun.
Source : ‘Her car is so janky; I was embarrassed to be seen in it.’
(Conversation with friend, October 2008)
Last modified: 5 December 2008

It would be a stretch to imagine it's from the Rep's use.

and this:
man, I'd much rather hear the Rep rappin. I'm going to coin a new word for
the a capella albums - Reprap!

Then ther's the movie,  The Janky Promoters:

It's got Ice Cube and Young Jeezy, but no Rep. Now if was about promoting a
Jandek show, say, in a geographically, climatologically
challenged/challenging place - and if we don't get Jandek here within 24
hours for the benefit, Walmart will take over our school!  and steal the
mayor's kidneys and sell them to a Saudi businessman! but he's hanging off
the sled over a cliff, and the sled dogs are pulling, but will they make
it?  or suchlike... I would watch that...
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