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Thu Oct 13 06:22:38 PDT 2011

dear folks,

i'm reading this list since a few weeks now.
it's very nice to be up to date about all his recent live-gigs. and good to 
have them documented on videos and pics at youtube etc.

i do a little radio show called "zonic radio show nord" every two weeks at 
the german radio 98eins.
recently i did a little feature of jandeks new album "where do you go from 
here". i'll do a bit more extended special on him soon, including new and 
musically associated releases by loren connors and haunted house.

here's the link to the archived audiostream: 

(Jandek-Part comes in at around minute 9)

the show, which cover and collages a quite wide musical horizon and beyond, 
can be heard every two weeks terrestrically in germany and via live-stream. 
afterwards most of the programmes are archived for a few weeks in the 
aforementioned online-mediatheque. currently there are some streams 
available, e.g. feauturing recent rereleases of loren connors "moonyean" 
und "hell's kitchen park" on the enabling works label.

thanks for reading, best regards,
martin hiller
Martin Hiller // www.hueywalker.de

Zonic, PNG, INTRO, Junge Welt

Zonic Radio Show Nord
Do. 20-22h, radio 98eins

radio 98eins
c/o Universität Greifswald
z.Hd. Zonic Radio Show - Martin Hiller
Domstr. 12
17489 Greifswald

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