[Jandek] Open Mic Jandek Cover Matinee, November 5, 2011

Maurice Rickard maurice at mac.com
Wed Oct 12 14:26:50 PDT 2011

It's that time of year again! Days are growing short as dead, brown leaves curl up and clutch futilely at the empty air.  Let's celebrate.  

This year's edition of the Open Mic Jandek Cover Night will take place on Saturday, November 5, at 3PM--that's right, technically a matinee.  You can bring your kids! But you probably won't want to.  I don't know--it's up to you. 

The nature of the event remains the same: anyone can come and play, but you have to cover a Jandek tune.  Lyrics (from Seth's site) will be available.  Our room is on the small side, so individual performers or small ensembles should be fine, but big bands, GYBE, and orchestras are pretty much out of the question.  Drummers with huge kits won't be comfortable either--I'll see to that.  Otherwise, bring whatever instrument you want to use, and we'll put you through our small PA. 

Our room this year is the same as last year: Lili Coffee*shop, in Pittsburgh's Polish Hill neighborhood.  3138 Dobson St., Pittsburgh, PA, 15219 (412) 682-3600.  All ages.  Free.  Saturday, 11/5/2011, 3PM--an afternoon show.  Rage against the dying of the light, and 
have some delicious coffee and baked goods at the same time.  See you there. 

So that's what's happening.  


Maurice Rickard 
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