[Jandek] Upcoming shows: Rome, Houston, Austin

Jason Henn jason.henn at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 11:18:50 PST 2011

Hi, all,

I just got some info from Corwood about an upcoming gallery show in Rome--a
concert/art opening--and was asked to post about it. He wanted someone to
mention it here because he doesn't think the promoter and venue are
connected to the list and isn't sure if they're going to make an
announcement other than on their own web site.

The opening is February 19, 2012, at Motel
The concert portion is going to be a solo acoustic/vocal performance, about
45 minutes (didn't give a start time), and the exhibit is of large photo
prints of seven Jandek album covers. He made a point of emphasizing that
these are "striking, glossy, real photos" from the original negatives.
Sounds like the contrast and colors look very different from the LPs and
CDs in some cases. There will be four color and three b&w prints of albums
spanning the entire discography, and the only two albums he mentioned for
sure were Chair Beside a Window and The Gone Wait.

Also, I forget if anyone else has mentioned this, but there's tentatively
another Houston show sometime in April and something in Austin on June 10.

Has anyone received their copy of the Seattle show?

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