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On Thursday the 17th, I got an opportunity to meet a dear friend of mine in person.Michael and I have been in contact for almost 3 years and finally he had an chance through workto be up in my neck of the woods. 	I called upon another friend of mine to play drums.  Jeff Cook is a drumming monster.He is a huge fan of Jandek and is like minded when it comes to musical tastes, so I knew this jam session was going to be exceptional.  Michael arrived and we shot the shit for a couple of hours, then descendeddown into my basement recordings studio and banged out 3 improvised songs, before taking a quick break for a phone call.  Then Jeff and I took Michael on a tour of the Capital city of Augusta Maine.  It was hilarious to see him react to a city with a population of 18,000 when he is from the bustling metropolis of Atlanta.	We eventually came back and jammed on 4 or more improvised songs.  All in all it was a blast!Thank you so much for hanging out Michael.  I hope you dug the experience.  I am sure there will be more to come! 		 	   		  
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