[Jandek] Matrix Numbers for Ready For the House

Gavin nocontact at arkhonia.co.uk
Sat May 14 05:59:07 PDT 2011

On 14/05/2011 04:58, Nate Wilson wrote:

  > On my original pressing of Ready For the House
  > Side one matrix # is LH-17623
  > Side two matrix # is LH-17624

I sent these pics to Jason off-list, but his original query has set off a whole 
bunch of speculations for me, including the fact that my own copy of Ready For 
The House might not be an original; attached are snaps of labels A & B of my 
copy, plus back cover (for textual comparison), plus an amalgam pic of matrices 
- which correspond numerically with Nate's copy, but my interest is whether the 
handwriting of the cutting engineer is the same.

This might all seem a little anal, and I'm not necessarily looking for 
confirmation or otherwise about whether my copy is a bootleg/repro (money spent 
long ago), but

 > What if, in spite of the CDs, we got the RftH vinyl reprinted anyway? #
 > Somebody then wrote Corwood, who said that the 1,000 print offer was off the 
 > table. To my knowledge, nobody actually got anything reprinted; if so,
 > there's a cool cache of Jandek lps that have never circulated hiding
 > somewhere in the world.

I like these 'what if's...the 'deal' that still stands from Corwood is a 
variation on this idea of owning a batch of CDs or a complete pressing of a 
Jandek release, in that it bypasses the idea of normal distribution completely, 
and removes the onus from Corwood themselves to put any release into circulation 
- as Danen postulates, what if vinyl was repressed, but *is* in circulation?

As an aside, when I was in the midst of getting all the vinyl (from ebay and 
various other sources), David Tibet was doing likewise, and we had a brief email 
exchange (we were bidding in some of the same auctions), and he told me that 
Ready For The House has a collector's currency outside Jandek, as it is 
considered part of US late 70s independent punk scene by collectors, and is thus 
a 'box to be ticked' for completists in that world...and thus, as with psych 
albums, there could hypothetically be repro pressings in existence to dupe those 
buyers - I have a convincing repro of the second Silver Apples album (bought 
mid-80s) with thick card sleeve and vinyl, looks original until you notice that 
the cutout punched hole is part of the cover slick print...prior to CD reissues 
this kind of thing seemed to be quite common, even fooling record dealers I was 
buying from.

In the light of this, I would be more interested to find that my Ready For The 
House wasn't an original than was - but confirmation either way from Nate, 
Danen, Jason, Steve or anyone else that these pics correspond with their copies 
would be very welcome.


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